Matthew R. Abatemarco, Esq.


Divorce is often the most challenging event in a person’s life. As a collaborative attorney, my goal is to minimize the trauma of divorce for my clients and their children. I am keenly aware of my client’s financial concerns and work diligently to develop comprehensive solutions to meet their needs. When children are involved, I work to protect the children and promote their emotional well-being. Through active listening, I can assist clients in navigating the emotional, financial and legal challenges of the divorce process. My goal is for clients and their children to move forward from the divorce in a positive manner.

I have a strong committment to resolving cases in a cost-effective and amicable fashion. As a Mediator and Collaborative Attorney, I attempt settlement first before spending emotional and financial capital to battle through the Court system. The Court system is oftentimes necessary when clients are faced with headstrong adversaries. Attempting a settlement which focuses on the best interests of the family and win/win scenarios provides long term solutions for parties and so it should be attempted prior to resorting to the Court.


Early Settlement Panelist
Court appointed Economic Mediator
Parenting Coordinator
Binding Arbitrator
Court Appointed Receiver


Past President , Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group
January 2014 - January 2016
Treasurer, Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group
January 2010 - December 2011
International Association of Collaborative Professionals
Monmouth Bar Association
New Jersey Bar Association